Being a resident of La Puente or perhaps the surrounding area, you probably are very aware that bees and wasps are seen just about everywhere. If you’re having issues with stinging insects and you are looking for a top-quality bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place! La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator… Read More

Rodents, mainly rats and mice, are a common problem in La Puente. Mice and rats are are known for getting in and producing large families. Ideally, you want to get rid of the rodents before this can happen. Everybody knows that having rats in your house can be quite embarrassing. Friends and family may choose… Read More

Unfortunately, La Puente cockroaches are too common. Don’t be ashamed if you have cockroaches. It isn’t uncommon these days to have cockroaches even if you keep a very clean home. It can depend highly on the lifestyle of your neighbors. The increase in the number of foreclosed homes is on the rise and we think… Read More

Many La Puente residents don’t like spiders. However, spiders are useful because of their role as predators of insects. In general, spiders are completely harmless to humans. The only harmful spider that that poses a threat in La Puente is the black widow. In most instances, venomous spiders such as the black widow won’t be… Read More