Stink bugs belong to the class of Hemiptera. Stink bugs are a shield shaped insect with a straight antennae that have mouth-parts that pierce and suck. Most stink bugs prefer plants to consume and will certainly be a brown or green color. Like the marmorated stink bug with an unique brown coloring and shield-like figure… Read More

There are more than 15,000 species of flies in North America. The lifespan of a fly can be anywhere from eight days to two months (in some cases even a year), depending on the species. Flies are a very common pest everywhere throughout the world excluding the polar ice caps; still not quite a desirable… Read More

La Puente folks every now and then have got to endure crickets and dealing with them could be irritating due to the fact crickets are usually nearly impossible to find and catch. You may find that crickets also hatch eggs in your own home causing a very frustrating issue. La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator… Read More

Numerous varieties of beetles can be found in the La Puente area. La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator can take care of a majority of these beetles for you quickly and effeciently. Many people today have had to take care of beetles. Beetles can be an embarrassing problem to experience.| Beetles can be an irritating… Read More

La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator provides pest services to assist with La Puente ticks. Ticks are tiny arachnids that are exterminal parasites. Ticks commonly feed on birds and sometimes amphibians. Ticks are vectors of a number of diseases such as Lyme Disease. There eggs can be immediately infected with the diseases at birth, leading… Read More