Mosquitoes have killed more humans than any other pest. Also, mosquitoes we have here in La Puente are better adapting to breeding in urban areas. You can see why we’re worried concerning the mosquito problem. Even though exterminators can have a significant impact the mosquito population in an area, we simply don’t have the ability… Read More

La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator gets numerous calls about treating fleas. Fleas can very horribly annoying and you should not put up with them. We offer treatment for a large variety of flea species. As most people know, fleas are blood sucking parasites. La Puente fleas can easily become embedded throughout a individual’s head… Read More

Nobody likes getting ants in their family’s home. La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator can help you with ant treatment for the La Puente area. There many different types of ant problems you could be dealing with. Ant problems in La Puente take on many forms. Sugar ants are actually a very common unwanted pest… Read More