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Being a resident of La Puente or perhaps the surrounding area, you probably are very aware that bees and wasps are seen just about everywhere. If you’re having issues with stinging insects and you are looking for a top-quality bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place! La Puente Pest Control & Exterminator has bee and wasp removal specialists who devote themselves to keeping current on the latest and best techniques for removing bees and other stinging insects in the industry. We are able to offer bee removal services at both households and commercial buildings.

Our staff work through the entire area to remove all types of these annoying pests. We are proficient at exterminating hornets, yellow jackets, bees, wasps, and even Africanized killer bees. Not only can we exterminate these pests, but we will work to prevent them from ever returning. Also, we will take out bee hives that are left behind in areas of your property.

We’ve provided a listing below of what you ought to check when confronted with a bee problem:

  1. Bees will mind their own business as long as they aren’t disturbed. Remember to simply avoid a nest if you come across one. Watch out for Africanized killer bees, however, as they are much more territorial.
  2. Because nest removal is really as essential as the actual elimination of the bees, ensure that any bee removal company includes this in their quote to you.
  3. When our bee specialists arrive at your house, they will make certain that all entries that stinging insects could use are plugged up. Protecting your family and pets are our #1 priority.
  4. Do not be deceived by the bee and wasp insecticides sold in stores. Bees are only affected by these products temporarily. And whats more important, these products won’t remove the nest. Spraying bees is only going to annoy them and send them into attack mode. Bee eradication is better left to pros.
  5. We do not just send out a typical pest control professional to take care of your bee removal job. Our company has many pest control experts who are specifically trained and credentialed to handle stinging insect issues. Our bee removal specialists are truly enthusiastic about safeguarding the families of and take their work seriously.

    If bees take up residence in part of your structure, like inside the attic, fireplace or wall, then you will want to get in touch with a bee removal expert immediately to ensure you limit damages to your structure. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to pay any type of inspection fee. Just tell us the details on the phone about your bee situation and hive size and we will give you a quote. All services are based on flat rates, the cost of service is very straight forward. Call us at 626-774-5294 today so that we can show you how we’ll earn your business.